What actually is … job shadowing?

Job shadowing in business consulting

With increasing awareness of job shadowing, more and more consultants and coaches are discovering its potential. We have already prepared some change workshops and management coaching with job shadowing. Instead of working through image brochures, organizational charts, and charts or relying solely on briefings, we accompany selected employees and managers of your company in advance and collect impressions directly in everyday work:

  • Typical workflows and structures
  • Communication and collaboration in the team
  • Behavioral patterns in routine activities and in challenging situations
  • Conflict management
  • Time management

Possible uses of job shadowing

With the help of job shadowing, we identify weaknesses and strengths quickly and objectively. The advantage: as an external observers, we also notice things that you take for granted and which you would therefore probably not mention in the briefing. In this way, we can give very precise feedback on the potential for improvement — the perfect basis for developing individual coaching, a workshop, or a further consulting strategy.


Job shadowing also offers exciting opportunities for intensifying the transfer of knowledge within the company or for an inspiring change of perspective. For example, form shadow tandems of creative people and controllers or sales and marketing and let the input flow together in a moderated workshop on corporate development. You will be surprised!



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