What actually is … a Community of Practice (CoP)?

Agile ways of knowledge transfer

A proven approach is Communities of Practices, “CoP” for short. The term was first used in 1991 by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger in the context of community learning.

Community of Practice for Scrum Masters

Agile organizations often have multiple communities of practice that represent individual roles or functional areas of expertise. A community of practice also makes sense for the company’s Scrum Masters. In practice, a one-week cycle has proven itself, supplemented by a regular retrospective.

  • Explorer: The discoverer wants to gain new ideas and insights, collect information about upcoming projects and also look for new solutions himself.
    • Shopper: The buyer collects all useful information and proven solutions in order to apply them in his environment.
    • Vacationer: The vacationer is not interested in the results of the meeting, but is happy that the “time out” means that he does not have to pursue his actual work.
    • Prisoner: The prisoner feels compelled to participate. He would rather do something else.



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