Toolbox: Event Storming Workshops

Why Event Storming?

I am convinced of agile methods and the principle of iterative development. Because an agile working team is able to recognize misunderstandings during the process and gradually find the best solution for the task. However, it is also clear that many iterations cost time and money. The aim should therefore be to eliminate avoidable misunderstandings, ambiguities, and gaps in know-how right at the beginning of the project — without getting lost in endless meetings and documentation.

The group of participants

The group should be interdisciplinary and allow as many different perspectives on the project or process as possible, e.g. stakeholders, managers, technical experts, future users, salespeople, and people who will later implement the task.

The flow of an event storming workshop

You need a room WITHOUT seating, participants from different departments, a very long strip of paper on the wall (approx. 10 meters and more depending on the group size), and enough space in front of it so that the participants can move around and talk easily, as well as a lot of mail -it's in four to five colors and some thick black pencils. I also recommend a facilitator explain the process and help prevent the group from getting too deep into technical details too soon.

Remote tip

Event storming can also be carried out virtually with a shared digital whiteboard, for example as a kickoff workshop for projects whose stakeholders and departments involved do not work at the same location. If the group is too large for an efficient online meeting (> 10 participants), it makes sense to split it up into different topic sessions, the results of which are compiled on a common digital whiteboard. We like to use MIRO as a collaborative, digital whiteboard for online workshops. The role of the moderator becomes even more important in Online Event Stormings!

  • Visualize event triggers (what triggers the event?)
  • identify relevant actors
  • note automated processes (“whenever x happens, then y happens”)
  • identify illogical processes or inconsistencies

The advantage

Event storming simplifies interdisciplinary learning processes and intensifies the transfer of know-how. Mutual understanding is growing, as is an understanding of the connections in the overall process. Bottlenecks and illogical or faulty processes can be uncovered early.



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