“Thick air”: Insights from the workshop conflict management

Conflict is human

Conflicts as an opportunity for improvement

Toolbox conflict management

  • Know and recognize conflict types, triggers, and escalation levels
  • Giving & receiving feedback (enabling an open feedback culture)
  • Moderation and mediation techniques
  • Active listening and conversational skills
The content structure of our workshop “Conflict Management”
“One word expectations” of the participants at the beginning of the workshop
“Knowledge market” on feedback culture and conflict moderation

Excerpt of the trained methods

  • “Scale question” (self-reflection of the Scrum Master)
  • “I appreciate you, I wish…” (supports constructive and goal-oriented feedback)
  • “Recognize levels of conflict” (supports early diagnosis and prepares conflict moderation)
  • “Spot the Elephant” (identifying and naming unspoken, serious problems, e.g. in retrospectives)
  • “Tuckman Cycle” (status overview of team collaboration, e.g. in retrospectives or when teams are recomposed)
  • “Strengths test” (identifying and building on the strengths of individuals and teams, e.g. in retrospectives or before the team is formed)
  • “Team resource profile” (clarification of roles and early detection of conflicts, e.g. in retrospectives or when reassembling a team)
    A systemic approach to the analysis of individual and team situations




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