Skill analysis for self-organized teams

The importance of further training in self-organized teams

Self-organization is a complex topic — more on that in a separate blog article. Glenda Eoyang’s CDE model, which was developed by the two agile coaches Dr. Siegfried Kaltenecker and Peter Hundermark was expanded to include the component of “education” (InfoQ article “What are self-organizing teams”).


Typical education needs in new agile teams

  • Basic understanding of Agility and Inspect & Adapt
  • Establishment of Scrum/Kanban workflows
  • Role understanding of Scrum Masters and Product Owners
  • Tools / Technologies
  • Conflict resolution, communication and moderation
  • knowledge transfer and collaboration

Identify training needs

In the transformations we have accompanied, it has proven itself that the teams do not have further training measures “ordered” from above, but that these are determined together in skill analysis workshops.



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