Lessons learned from the usage of the Kanban method between the first nine months of our blogger service team


  • Gaining a common understanding of the current situation of the blog service and the work organization with the Kanban Method was essential — next time from the beginning, not after two months at the end of June
  • Introduce earlier a team Kanban replenishment and team retrospective meeting cadence of two weeks instead of four weeks
  • Measure and visualize the process with the Kanban metrics from the beginning so that future potentials are fast and obvious and also swarming techniques on e.g. blockers can be applied


  • Use online whiteboards to foster a common remote collaboration and brainstorming for the current shared service structures and the evolutionary next steps to gain transparency & improve the structures
  • Document the blog service Kanban system policies well in the MS Teams channel Wiki/notes
  • Use ticket tools like MS Teams planner to visualize, manage and improve the Kanban board and simplify our remote work and the creation of metrics


  • Be aware of my own responsibility as a Kanban agile facilitator and Kanban expert
  • Take care frequently of the arranged policies and foster alignment and learning to improve the policies by the cross-service team to the policies
  • Foster from the beginning a common understanding in the blog service team for the sense of limiting WIP in the end-to-end-process


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