Insights: Agile scaling with cross-team retrospectives

The universal tool

The three basic principles

  • “Don’t fix what ain’t broken!”
  • “Find out what works well and fits — and do more of it!”
  • “If something doesn’t work and fit well enough despite a lot of effort — then stop doing it and try something else!”

Our schedule

  • Prime Directive: “Each team member acted to the best of their knowledge and belief.”
  • Vegas principle: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”
  • Self-reflection (10 minutes): Scale question “Where do we stand today in relation to our goals / our cooperation?” Rating from 0 to 10 (blue at the time of the 1st retrospective, yellow 6 weeks later). A separate evaluation from an emotional and factual point of view would also be possible.
  • Possibility to ask questions about the “Worst-Case” and “Best-Case” notes
  • Clustering of similar topics
  • If necessary, prioritize the top 3 topics in order not to tackle too many challenges at once
  • Measures / Goals (10 minutes)
  • Formulate SMART goals and measures with responsibilities and deadlines (what-who-when)
  • Overview of the agreed goals and measures
  • Arrange a follow-up appointment (4 weeks at the latest)

The success



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