Booster e-2-e Collaboration Game — A business game for cross-functional projects to foster an end-to-end view

  • Brainwriting
  • Round robin brainstorming
  • Event Storming, based on User Story Mapping, by Roberto Brandolini
  • Design thinking elements

1. Workshop structure

2. Framework conditions for good cooperation between the various skills

3. Result types per project phase

4. No-Gos in projects

5. Business game that can be used for project kick-offs

6. Concrete next steps

7. Summary and Feedback

The feedback from the participants was very good with a return on time invested (ROTI) of around 4.5 out of 5 points.
The event enabled a very personal, open exchange as well as a joint design of the current and target state of cooperation between the skills and at the same time providing interesting impulses. During the workshop, comprehensible whiteboard images could be created and concrete next steps could be derived.

  1. Complete result types with value contribution per result type, mark value contribution
  2. Skills
  3. Rolls
  4. More feedback
  5. Next Steps



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