Balance your approaches to develop organizations' sustainable

Christoph Dibbern
1 min readApr 6, 2024

I appreciate the idea of round tables with focused topics connected to organizational development and e.g. scaling agility in the following domains: #Insurance, #Banking, #Telecommunication, #ECommerce, #Travel.

While I am more focused on #Kanban & #FlightLevels in my work, I actively would like to understand experiences with other approaches so that I know potential synergies as well as their typical challenges in different contexts / e.g. applying them in historically grown environments.

I am open to reflecting, learning, and getting to know new perspectives. Speaking with each other, rather than speaking over each other in small, focused groups on the round tables will help to evolve and improve together.

In addition, I look forward to meeting other people around the world to socialize and foster understanding between our different experiences in the context of our customers for whom we work.

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